How work the Smallworlds Gold Hack Generator? 

The software is based on a cloud and you can access to it on every web browser and every devices (mobile, tablet and computer).


How to use the Generator?

Using the Smallwords Gold and Token Generator is easy as a pie. Just a few clicks and BOOOM, you will have a full golds and tokens account. You have to follow this steps:

  • Access to the online Generator by click on the different buttons.
  • You will be redirect to a new page in you web browser with a direct acces to the software.
  • Then you have to enter the different information (Nickname, region, amount of gold and token)
  • Click on “Start”!
  • Wait a maximum of 45 minutes
  • Run Smallworlds and enjoy increased amounts of Gold and Token.

During this process, you may have to respond to a free advertisement to finance the generator and the hosting of the site.


Is this safe?

It is 100% undetectable by anyone and it work since 1 year ago. We use the best and safety proxy and hosting .


Is the Smallworlds Gold and Token Generator is free?

The Generator is 100% Free, we don’t work for money and we have no interest in this. Anyway, you can see some ads and maybe some sponsored poll in order to pay the hosting of the website and of the software.


How long does it take to receive the Gold and Token?

The Smallworlds game has an 30-45 minutes update system. You can immediately receive your money or it can take 45minutes maximum.


I don’t receive the gold and token?

If you don’t receive the game money after 45 minute, you should use the generator a second time, sometimes it can fail.