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How to Earn Free Gold in Smallworlds 

Like many App style games, Gold is the currency everyone strives for in Smallworlds. By far the simplest way to get gold is to buy it; however, it’s almost never enough and we’ve heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on it!

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Beware, the Freebie Gold scam!

One thing we’ve noticed recently is a large increase in people being offered free gold in return for their password. Whatever you do, please never share your password, no matter how tempting the offer may be.

It’s also worth being aware of special offers such as buying tokens in exchange for Gold. These are almost always scams too.

At any rate, there are plenty of legitimate ways to find Gold in Smallworlds. Here’s our pick of the best ways to get your account maxed out, without resorting to the scam artists!


Collect Daily Gold

Sounds obvious, yet it takes a few minutes every day to get the small amount of gold on offer. Click “Get Gold” in the toolbar on the Smallworlds App, then click Collect.

Okay, we know this method isn’t going to make you rich; however, just a little patience and each day will accrue you a small fortune over time.


Complete Those Offers

Like many Apps, SmallWorlds allows you to earn a little Gold by completing offers, downloads or signups each day. Click the “Do Offers” button in the Get Gold menu and you can start earning today.

These offers will earn you more than simply collecting your daily Gold. Just 10 minutes each day will start to build to build your Gold up!


Sell Items & Trade Your Way to Gold

Sometimes, if you hang onto a rare item or collectible for long enough, it becomes worth a tonne of Gold all on its own! To make the best of this method, keep an eye on player run stores to see what the current value is.

You’ll probably have to hang onto your rare items for a while to get the most Gold; however, all it really takes is patience!

Great places to trade items are the Trading Widget and the Marketplace Forum.

Watch Videos

Watching videos is a nice easy task and a great way to earn some extra Gold. The only snag here is that this method works best in the USA, UK and some European countries. If you search for videos and there aren’t any, you might be out of luck.

Take Part in Contests

These don’t happen often, however, you’ll be in with the chance of a large Gold haul if you win. The easiest way to know when a competition or contest is being launched is via the First Post news blog.


Play Arcade or Mini Games + Win = Gold!

There are always daily tournaments and challenges going on within the SmallWorlds community. You can wager both tokens and Gold; hopefully you’re skilled enough to win!

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