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Create your own virtual world

SmallWorlds is a virtual world created by Outsmart games in order to play and interact with the crowd. Apart from being a massive online world, it is also a social networking service which, along with your friends, allows you to design you own personalized avatar. Outsmart games is a privately own company with its base in New Zealand. The virtual world exists in a web browser incorporated with many social platforms as in YouTube, Flickr and the like web services. SmallWorlds is one of the largest sorts after online games and is a hit especially among the young crowd.


With the games excusive focus on the young crowd, it is designed with extra ordinary graphics and social networking imparting a unique experience to the players. The players can customize their world in whatever way they want through the options available. The necessities required for personalizing an avatar can be purchased by tokens or gold coins. There are many ways to acquire these credits. Every character is unique in the game.

Beginning of the “World”

SmallWorlds was initialized in the year 2008. Though the impact was not so great in its early it slowly started gaining attention. In the ear 2009, SmallWorlds released a version of its which incorporated social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and the like. Right now, it is affiliated to these companies. The game has an application and website of its own and their account would be linked to these social networking sites. In the year 2013, there was a huge transition in the site. The site was redesigned changing many of its features. The game received a new face. There was change in gameplay as well, a new concept of Kudos was introduced rewarding the player special offers completing it. There was a replacement in gold payout as well.

How does it work?

In order to play the game, you need to create your account in the game. The unique ID would help you prevail all added advantages to it. There is couple of ways to generate tokens and coins in the game. Token in the game can be earned in couple of ways. They can be earned by challenging your opponent and completing the mission. Another way to earn tokens in the game is to grow plants and sell them. There are also SmallWorlds gold generators that would generate tokes and coins to your account making it easier for your purchases.

SmallWorldscheats are another way to purchase the best items and clothes in the game enjoying the best features. These cheats are on demand considering its value. This is one of the best tools to generate gold and tokens in the game.

There are SmallWorlds hack which promises of generating gold coins and tokens to your account. Some of these hacks could be unsafe. Make sure if the site is no fake before you invest and gain coins and tokes for your purchases.

The game is pretty interesting and challenging. Players who are interested in online gaming mission must try it.


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